2015 Fundraiser Information

Brockport Eagles 2015 Fundraising Requirements:

  • Fundraisers will continue to allow our organization to maintain the lower registration cost for the 2015 season and be able to afford to update some equipment and uniform items, as needed each year. The fundraisers are planned to allow each participant the opportunity to keep fees low and help defray some of the multiple costs of participation.

  • The maximum buyout option for both fundraisers combined will be $75 per participant.

  • All participants in the Eagles Organization will be responsible for TWO fundraisers for the 2015 season. This includes ABC & Flag levels of Football and Cheerleading.

  • The first fundraiser will be our 2nd Annual Chicken Barbeque, to be held on a Saturday in August. Each participant will be required to sell ten (10) tickets to the event. Or each participant may elect to pay a BUYOUT amount of $50 for the Chicken BBQ fundraiser. We will also need to fill multiple volunteer positions on the day of the Chicken BBQ to help make the event go smoothly. We will be asking for everyone’s help with this event, regardless of your season’s volunteer job
  • The second fundraiser is a sponsorship drive. Each participant will be required to raise a minimum of $25 in sponsorships for either our Golf Tournament OR for our Advertised Sponsorship Levels for our 2015 Sponsorship Drive. These sponsorships may be sought from personal businesses, employers, friends, family members, or cold-calls. Another option for raising the sponsorship funds would be for the participant to BUYOUT their own $25 advertisement with a personal message to be printed according to the $25 level of our 2015 Sponsorship Drive.
  • Special Fundraisers may be added, if needed.
  • Details and all deadlines will be discussed at the Parent/Guardian Meeting in MAY.